Author Guidelines

1. The manuscript has never been published in other print media, typed in double space on folio paper, 10-20 pages long and submitted no later than 2 months before publication in the form of typed on CD/R along with 2 copies of the printout on paper. The script file on the computer is typed using MS Word word processing.

2.  Articles published in this journal include articles on research results, conceptual ideas, studies and application of theories, literature reviews and recent book reviews.

3.  All essays are written in essay form, accompanied by their respective headings sections, except for the introductory section which is presented without a subsection title. Ranking of sub-headings is indicated by a different typeface (all letters are in bold, italics), located on the left edge of the page and not with numbers.

4.  Each essay must be accompanied by (a) abstract (50 – 70) words, (b) key words, (c) author identity (without academic degree), (d) introduction (without sub-heading) which contains background5.  background and purpose or scope of the writing, and (e) a list of references. Research result

5.  presented systematically as follows: (a) title, (b) author's name, (c) abstract, (d) key words, (e) introduction without sub-headings containing literature discussion and research objectives, (f) method, (g) discussion, (h) conclusions and suggestions, and (i) list reference.

6.  The procedure for presenting quotations, references, tables and figures follows the provisions in the Guidelines for Writing Scientific Papers: Thesis, Articles and Papers. Manuscripts are typed by paying attention to the rules for using punctuation with the spelling contained in the improved General Guidelines for Indonesian Spelling