Peer Preview Prosess

The Journal of Economics and Business has a publishing frequency of 2 (two) times a year, namely the period of January and July, all articles published through a peer review process by the Board of Editors and Reviewers, both internal and external editors and reviewers.

The Peer-Review Process in this journal begins with being related to the accuracy of fulfilling the requirements of the Author Guidelines or article writing guidelines as well as the review of journal templates by the Board of Editors or the Editorial Board, both internally and externally. Editors who have a track record are in charge of carefully checking and ensuring that the articles being reviewed meet the Author Guidelines and Journal Templates. The next stage is the editor in charge of providing the assessment results by filling out the assessment results form/assessment form. The next process, the editor team is then tasked with returning the article according to the results of the review from the Board of Editors when the article still does not meet the Author Guidelines or Journal Templates for revision by the author.

Articles that have met the requirements of the review process from the editorial team, then continue with the review process by the reviewer. The editor is in charge of sending articles electronically to reviewers, both internal and external.